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Welcome 'Foos-Friends' Come on in ~ kick off your shoes! 

Here's a little about what my new personal web site is all about. I wanted a friendly place to go thats off the beaten path, away from cell phones, tv, radio, traffic, you know... all the everyday things that cause us stress. This site is designed to be more personable, relaxed and a positive place to come and hang out with me on occasion. Come back as often as you like. I'll always try to have something new for you to check out!

Take a look around & please check back soon!

A little about Me.....

Ron Foos Bio:

Born in Seattle, Washington on Christmas day Ron Foos became lucky at age of 17. Ron was picked up & hired not as a bass player (his chosen profession) but as a lead guitar player for the popular Seattle band “City Zu” that had just signed with “Columbia Records” and recorded their first single with master guitarist Glenn Campbell playing on the session in LA. From there Ron was recruited to play bass guitar by “Jerden Records” recording artist Jim Brady of ‘The Sonics’ fame. In 1975 Paul Revere of the famous 60’s group known from its wildly popular TV show “Where the Action is” signed Ron on as his new bass player. When Paul Revere retired for a short time in the late 70’s Ron was immediately commissioned to play bass for another popular Seattle band that was managed by Stevie Wonder & Taurus Records. Ron also worked as a staff writer for Kaye-Smith recording studio and was first call on many recording sessions. The group remained with Stevie Wonder but Ron was made an offer to record and do a world tour and record with rock’s premiere Canadian guitarist Randy Bachman (formally BTO) Randy’s new group “Iron Horse” was signed to the Scottie Bros. records. Ron played on 2 albums with Iron Horse, and was Randy’s ‘in-house’ studio bass player, living on the premise in the mansion. He did a year long world tour in Europe, Canada and the U.S. with a number 1 European hit record “Sweet Louise”. Ron enjoyed & learned much from Randy’s staff studio engeneer (Paul McCartney’s own engeneer) Dennis McKay. “Iron Horse” band continued on playing Canada and touring the U.S. opening & recording for such groups as The Beach Boys. Also sharing international TV shows with Sting, Patty La Belle and others. Soon there after Paul Revere called and invited Ron to rejoin Paul and the Raiders…..and that was a total of nearly 40 years ago! Ron remains playing bass, piano, guitar, writing, recording, producing and touring with Paul Revere & the Raiders to this day. 

Ron is a multi-award winning songwriter, musician & bassist who has also produced Paul Revere & The Raiders “Time flies when you’re having fun” CD and played on numerous Raider recordings and assorted TV & radio commercials, & performed live with many other artists like The Rightous Bros. Bill Medley, The Platters, Chuck Nygron, Mary Wilson (The Supremes) Mitch Rider, The Association and many, many more. Ron enjoys writing for ‘The Make-a-Wish foundation’, ‘McDonalds’, & ‘Bridge the gap’. org, & other non-profit orgs. that benefit thru his original music. He is currently writing & producing a CD for Pet Place International a non-profit org. to save and rehab rescue animals with other animal loving guests artists The Guess Who, The Lettermen, The Association, The Raiders, and more.