‚ÄčWelcome to Ron's House

Welcome 'Foos-Friends' Come on in ~ kick off your shoes! 

Here's a little about what my new personal web site is all about. I wanted a friendly place to go thats off the beaten path, away from cell phones, tv, radio, traffic, you know... all the everyday things that cause us stress. This site is designed to be more personable, relaxed and a positive place to come and hang out with me on occasion. Come back as often as you like, visit my guest book and please sign in. I plan on being here as much as I can to chat and exchange good things with you.

Take a look around, and know that I always will be adding new things

& please check back soon!

A little about Me.....

My security guard may look harmless but dont make him mad... 

He 'will' HUG you!